Transcript in France

A transcription of the Great Stemma text from the Saint-Sever Beatus has appeared in France, along with a detailed introduction to the entire manuscript. There is no date on the transcription, but the file was last modified 2013 February 4, so I presume it was completed last winter. My own five-manuscript transcription does not include Saint-Sever, so scholars will now have six texts they can compare.

This appears to be only the second time, after my own publication of 2010, that the entire text of the diagram has been published. The authors of this welcome new work appear to be Jean Cabanot, who has a long association with studies of this codex, and Georges Pon. The complete history of the text's publication with editors in brackets would thus appear to be as follows:
  • 1951 transcription of the Genesis text from four bibles only (Bonifatius Fischer)
  • 2010 complete transcription on Piggin.net (Jean-Baptiste Piggin)
  • 2013 Saint-Sever transcription (Jean Cabanot and Georges Pon)
There is also an 80-page Introduction générale to the manuscript, apparently by the same authors. I have yet to read this, but from a digital search I note that it does not appear to mention the new edition of the Beatus Commentary by Roger Gryson. The website belongs to the Comité d’études pour l’Histoire et l’Art de la Gascogne.

Regrettably, there are no high-resolution scans of the manuscript itself. Some low-resolution scans are linked to from my website.