Calahorra Bible

A first-ever online image of the Great Stemma in the Calahorra bible has finally shown up: it contains the opening spread only, but the polychrome array of colours is very impressive, despite the battered state of the codex. The image is for sale on Artflakes, but you'll have to click through yourself because I don't want to breach the photographer's copyright. The online sample is not in a good enough resolution to read the script, but I will be linking to it from my catalogue page. The photographer says the image also appears in a book published last December, Historia de Calahorra (Ed. Amigos de la Historia de Calahorra. December 2011. ISBN 978-84-939155-06). The 12th-century Biblia de Calahorra is kept in the Archivo Catedralicio y Diocesano de Calahorra. It's battered and it looks like it has suffered some water damage, but it's still there, a wonderful treasure. The Amigos (Facebook page) deserve all the help they can get to preserve the town's history, and of course every tourist visiting Spain helps in the economic recovery.


  1. Congratulations for your catalogue page 'The Biblical Stemmata', Jean Baptiste. Thanks for your kind comment about my picture 'Calahorra Bible' and the teamwork of Amigos de la Historia de Calahorra. I can send you the photo in a good enough resolution if you want. The photograph is too in http://fineartamerica.com/featured/calahorra-bible-ricardmn-photography.html?delete=true

  2. Thanks Ricardo. The FineArtAmerica image is much easier to look at. It would be fantastic if you could send me the photo. I'm so impressed at the creative range of your photographic work: you seem to do every genre well.

  3. Here's Ricardo's Facebook post at the time of what I suspect was the book launch:
    (Today's little technical lesson is: Facebook makes it hard to find these links: it turns out they are under the news timestamp.)

  4. Updating: Ricardo did very kindly send me the photo in high resolution, for which I am most grateful. Have a look at his work. He is a fine photographer.