Road Trip

Lisa Fagin Davis has begun a blog, the Manuscript Road Trip, exploring US manuscript collections, east to west. It has begun excitingly, and who knows, she may turn up a Petrus Pictaviensis Compendium (my current tabulation) or some other treasure as she proceeds.

Lisa is the author of a new book appearing this year, La Chronique Anonyme Universelle, which explores one of the post-Petrus diagrammatic chronicles, compiled around the year 1410 in a French noble library. I'll have to look at her study, since the Compendium, and before that the Great Stemma, are clear roots of this tradition. I'm also curious about what the publisher calls "an innovative image-annotation platform" that allows this roll to be published digitally along with the book.


  1. Hi, Jean-Baptiste, thanks for reposting my blog! About my study of the Chronique: Peter of Poitiers' Compendium is one of the direct sources for the genealogical diagrams in the chronicle, copied almost verbatim (see my entry in the Encyclopedia of the Medieval Chronicle for more, I:296-297). The digital resource that will accompany my forthcoming monograph is a digital facsimile of one of the scrolls that has been tagged with metadata allowing users to search for individuals mentioned in the text, depicted in the illustrations, or included in the genealogical tables. The digital resource will also provide access to the transcription and translation of the text. As for the Compendium, I'm always looking for scrolls in US collections, since they are often unstudied; if I encounter Compendium scrolls (not already listed on your site) during my virtual wanderings, I will certainly let you know! - Lisa Fagin Davis

    1. A transcription: that's wonderful! If the Compendium is copied almost verbatim, I'm expecting that a part of your work also serves as a kind of new editio of the Compendium. Good luck with your virtual trip, and stay safe in that virtual highway traffic.

    2. Yes, that's true; the digital resource will include a tagged schematic of the genealogical diagrams in the Chronique, including the section inherited from the Compendium. - Lisa