New BAV Portal

The Vatican's launch of a new portal for the Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana reached maturity July 4 when the portal, which had been slowly filling since May, finally surpassed the old site in its posted total of content, reaching 4,724 items with the addition of thirty Hebrew manuscripts.

The numbers may still by slightly out of whack, with some subtotals not up to the old site's levels, but I would say that now is the time to change your links, begin using the new portal, and grin and bear its inadequacies. I have already built a whole new suite of searches with scripts to monitor it, and will no longer be monitoring the old site from now on.

Here is the full list of novelties, with notes taken from Malachi Beit-AriƩ's codicological descriptions:
  1. Neofiti.4, Details
  2. Neofiti.7, Details
  3. Neofiti.9, Details
  4. Neofiti.11, Details
  5. Neofiti.14, Details
  6. Neofiti.15, Details
  7. Neofiti.22, Details
  8. Neofiti.23, Details
  9. Neofiti.24, Details
  10. Neofiti.30, Details
  11. Neofiti.31, Details
  12. Neofiti.32, Details
  13. Neofiti.34, Details
  14. Neofiti.36, Details
  15. Neofiti.40, Details
  16. Neofiti.41, Details
  17. Neofiti.43, Details
  18. Neofiti.44, Details
  19. Neofiti.45, Details
  20. Neofiti.46, Details
  21. Ross.328, Hebrew Details
  22. Ross.359, Hebrew Details
  23. Ross.362, Hebrew Details
  24. Ross.363, Hebrew Details
  25. Ross.436, Mahzor, Roman rite. Italy, about 1400. Details
  26. Ross.477, Canon (Book II, Fens 1–2) by Avicenna, in the translation of Nathan ha-Meati. Details
  27. Ross.599, Sefer Mizvot Gadol by Moses b. Jacob of Coucy. Incomplete. Details
  28. Ross.601, Pentateuch, Former Prophets and treatises in Hebrew, written out by scribe Joseph b. Jacob ibn Janah in Huesca, Spain in 1275. Details
  29. Ross.883, Hayyim b. Joseph Vital's kabbalistic work Ozerot Hayyim in an 18th-century Italian manuscript with this concentric diagram at fol. 1v. Details
  30. Ross.1015, Genesis i:1–xxvi:32. Probably copied by a Christian hand. Details
This is Piggin's Unofficial List 57. If you have corrections or additions, please use the comments box below. Follow me on Twitter (@JBPiggin) for news of more additions to Digita Vaticana.

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