Under the Knife

Medieval surgery was, by all accounts, painful for the patient. One of the newest Vatican manuscripts online contains Gerard of Cremona's Latin translation of the Arabic handbook of surgery by the famed Andalusian doctor Abulcasis or Albucasis (see Wikipedia). Consider these instruments:

I'm not going to tell you what they were used for. But anesthetic procedures were crude, so you felt the cut.

This manuscript of the 13th or 14th century is among more than 30 extant according to Monica H Green's count in 2011.

It seems the book was read by non-doctors too, as indicated by the luxury colors in this copy. She adds: "Whereas other surgical texts circulated quite widely in western Europe, up until the fifteenth century Albucasis's work was copied only in Italy and, to a lesser extent, in southern France." See too an earlier article online by David Trotter on the Latin mss.

In the past week, 112 manuscripts came online. The Vatican Library's newsletter adds some good news, indicating the digitization program remains open-ended.

The Japan-based company which is the main funder of the project, NTT Data, previously told media its support was limited to 3,000 manuscripts up to 2019, but the December newsletter says Katsuichi Sonoda, an NTT Data VP, offered November 30 to continue the collaboration with the Library “indefinitely”. Sounds great!
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