Glory of Asia

Digitizations have clearly slowed in the Roman summer, but Digita Vaticana is still making occasional releases.  The Vatican Euripides showed up September 1, and 37 more manuscripts came online September 15.

The Euripides, Vat.gr.909,  is from just after 1250 and not the the oldest by any means, but is one of the sources of nine plays by the great Greek dramatist with scholia. There is a page-by-page listing of the contents at Pinakes. For a sound text of the plays along with English translations, consult Perseus. The scholia (that is to say the glosses and stage directions and other notes) are recorded by Donald Mastronarde on his remarkable electronic scholia site.

Here is the first line of Andromache, "Glory of Asia, city of Thebe!"

As for the rest, there are several maps. The portolan charts are scanned at too low a resolution to be of any use for scholarship, since the place-names remain illegible. The map of the lagoons at Comacchio, Barb.lat.4242.pt.A, is of some interest, and I always like those figurative maps of the Mediterranean which show the River Jordan in green and the Red Sea in red. I picked out one from Cappon.56 a few weeks ago where it illustrates a poem by the humanist Lorenzo Bonincontri (1486-1488). This new example is from Chig.M.VII.146
Here is the full list. The digitizations bring the total posted so far to 2,671.
  1. Arch.Cap.S.Pietro.D.189,
  2. Arch.Cap.S.Pietro.D.190, letters of Pope Alexander to Bernard of Clairvaux
  3. Barb.gr.596, single sheet
  4. Barb.lat.1766, charter
  5. Barb.lat.4242.pt.A, fine map of the wetlands at Comacchio on the Adriatic coast, drawn by Domenico Castelli (the 17th century architect?)
  6. Barb.or.144, multiple printed books in one binding, the first of which is 治曆緣起, Chinese Missionary Books brought by Philippe Couplet from China
  7. Borg.Carte.naut.IV, portolan chart, scanned illegibly!
  8. Borg.Carte.naut.VI, ditto
  9. Borg.Carte.naut.VII, ditto, Campbell number 154, dated to 1497, Alexandria
  10. Borgh.221, Aldobrandinus de Toscanella, Scala fidei sive tractatus de symbolo apostolico
  11. Borgh.289, Opera aliqua de re iuridica et sermones
  12. Borgh.290, Bottoni, Bernardo, Summa super titulis decretalium
  13. Cappon.120,
  14. Cappon.247,
  15. Cappon.270,
  16. Cappon.282.pt.1,
  17. Cappon.282.pt.2,
  18. Cappon.283.pt.1,
  19. Cappon.285,
  20. Cappon.286,
  21. Cappon.289,
  22. Cappon.290,
  23. Cappon.308,
  24. Chig.G.IV.114, book of crests
  25. Chig.L.VI.196,
  26. Chig.M.VII.146, mixed codex with astronomy, Italian maps of Mediterranean coast, Hippocratic medical writings
  27. Ott.lat.234, Joannis Langiaci, Panegyricus
  28. Ott.lat.585, Summa de sufficienna sacramentorum
  29. Ott.lat.1676, Ovid, Epistula XV
  30. Reg.lat.1621, thin Renaissance manuscript of Pseudo-Ovid. This was once thought to be an important source of the poem Consolatio ad Liviam until Oldecop discovered that it was a copy on parchment (perhaps as a luxury present) taken from a printed Venetian edition of 1492. See Reeve's article in Revue d'Histoire des Textes. Here is "Ovid":
  31. Reg.lat.1756, contains works by Constantine the African including Liber chirurgiae, the Liber graduum, and De genitalibus membris which describes female reproductive organs. Also the De quattuor humoribus of Constantine's mentor, Alfanus, bishop of Salerno. See discussion by Monica Green
  32. Vat.gr.909, Euripides
  33. Vat.lat.2791, Ovid, Epistula XV
  34. Vat.lat.5005, Albertus Magnus, c.1193-1280 De Mineralibus libri quinque - 15th century ms
  35. Vat.lat.5644, music, Antifona solenne per i Vespri, a book from Coluccio Salutati's former library in Florence. Article by Bannister describes how its date can be established as 1160.
  36. Vat.lat.9134, Roman monumental epigraphs transcribed and decoded
  37. Vat.sir.495, Nicene creed, letter of Constantine the Great convening Council of Nicaea and other council documents in Syriac translation (Smelov)
  38. Vat.slav.7, eight sheets only
Here is an ostrich running in Borg.Carte.naut.VII:

As always, if you can provide more details on these, use the comments box below. [This is Piggin's Unofficial List 23.]

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