Greek Gospels

Scholars of the New Testament, which was originally written in Greek, organize the many known early manuscripts by names that refer to the script. That is why Vat.gr.364, an illuminated Gospels from the 12th century which has just been placed online by the Vatican Library, is known as Minuscule 134.

In the nature of such things, it has its own Wikipedia entry. It has elaborate canon tables decorated in gold. The evangelists are shown writing at desks on arms that appear to swivel:

Here is the full list of 19 new digitizations on October 12, which bring the total to 5,762.
  1. Vat.ebr.50
  2. Vat.ebr.51
  3. Vat.ebr.52
  4. Vat.ebr.53
  5. Vat.ebr.618
  6. Vat.ebr.620
  7. Vat.ebr.626
  8. Vat.ebr.635
  9. Vat.ebr.637
  10. Vat.ebr.643
  11. Vat.ebr.644
  12. Vat.ebr.645
  13. Vat.ebr.669
  14. Vat.ebr.672
  15. Vat.ebr.677
  16. Vat.ebr.681
  17. Vat.ebr.683
  18. Vat.ebr.684
  19. Vat.gr.364

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